The Lloyd Harbor Mooring is located on the southeast side of Lloyd Harbor, about 250 yards northwest of the Castro family dock. The mooring is a 500-lb. mushroom anchor with a 19-inch diameter red and white ball with the initials MCYC. The Lloyd Harbor Use Permit and line-catcher buoy are on it. Lloyd Harbor regulations allow overnight rafting up to three boats on our mooring . Located at approximately 40*54.758 ,  73*26.472

The Oyster Bay Mooring is located at approximately 40 52.660 N, 73.30.581’ W. The mooring is a 500 lb. mushroom anchor with a round ball painted with the Masthead Cove and the number 23.

The Port Jefferson Mooring is located approximately one-half mile west of the entrance to the harbor. The mooring is a 500-lb. mushroom anchor with a round ball painted red and white with the initials MCYC. This mooring has a line-catcher buoy. Town regulations permit day rafting up. Located at approximately 40*57.8642,  73* 05.8543

When at any of the MCYC moorings, please fly the MCYC burgee from the masthead or starboard spreader. Every fifth boat on either side of the mooring must put out an anchor.

How do I raft up?

Request permission first. Then put out plenty of fenders and prepare lines(bow, stern and two springs). Come alongside slowly when ready. Run lines directly from cleats, not through chocks, bow to bow, stern to stern, bow to quarter and quarter to bow. Make sure masts and spreaders are not abreast.

Use chafing gear. If you are the fifth boat from the mooring or an anchor, put out your anchor to windward. Break up if weather or waves threaten.

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