Boys & Buoys/Gals & Gales


Boys & Buoys/Gals & Gales, an MCYC group that meets on the last Tuesday of the month. All members and friends/family are invited to gather to share their boating ideas, camaraderie and hear speakers on marine topics from sail maintenance, to caring for the cushions on your boat, to galley recipes, to engine tinkering and more. A couple of great off-site visits are often on the schedule.. The B&B/G&G team currently consists of: Co-Founders Scott Gerber and Dave Tuck, Lee Stern, Alex DiMartini, and Marilyn Gerber. And, of course, there is always plenty of non-speaker time to shoot the breeze about whatever other topics come up.

Join us at our “shore-side raft-ups!” Grab your significant other, curious sailing friend and other crew for fun, informal evenings with your fellow sailors. We look forward to seeing you.


JANUARY 26, 7:00 pm (via Zoom)
County Line Hardware/DoItBest, Frank & Vinny Cosentino. Hardware store with dedicated marine section. B&B/G&G will be on-site visiting County Line Hardware.  In addition to attentive owners, their staff are eager to assist you in your search of the usual hardware supplies and suggest solutions to your particular projects.  There is also a modest marine section of the store that we will be exploring during our visit.

FEBRUARY 23, 7:00 (via Zoom)
Vendor Confirmation in Progress. Distributor of marine electrical products specializing in solar panels, wind generators, electric propulsion drives, inverters and batteries.

MARCH 30, 7:00 (via Zoom)
Bacon Sails, Inc. New sails and sails on consignment; large selection of new and used boat parts.

APRIL 27 – 6:45 pm (via Zoom or Outdoors)
6:45 Greater Huntington Council of Yacht & Boating Clubs – Speaker: Jackie Martin, Vice Commodore. Huntington/NY State boating and marine-related issues and events. 7:15 Vendor Confirmation in Progress. Rigging, electric and electronics, marine systems.

​Contact to share ideas for future gatherings.

*Some dates are subject to change.


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