Sailing the Northern Latitudes

Eight sailors, filmmakers and adventurers pile into a 48 foot sailboat with the goal of exploring and capturing the beauty of Svalbard, the Northernmost settlement in the world, only 600 miles from the North Pole. The sailing expedition brings 24 hours of sunlight, dangerous glacial ice flows and up-close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, walrus’ and much more!
A Q&A session with the crew from Delos is the being planned for he next month or two.  The idea is for club members to watch the 4 part adventure series prior to the meeting and then have the opportunity to discuss the trip with them.
Here is a link to the trailer:
To view the series: Go to the 80NorthSeries site (link below) to create a login account and watch the videos.  It took 2 years to edit and put this together and they do ask for a donation for their effort (on average, viewers donate ~$15 for the 4 part series).  That is about the cost of a movie ticket for 1 person.  If you enjoy adventure shows, you will not be disappointed.  Once you have registered, you may watch as many times as you want.
Link to register and watch:
Contact JP Nel with any questions.

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