Welcome to the 2020 MCYC Board!

Commodore: Shirley Nel
Vice Commodore: Linda Simon
Rear Commodore: George Link
Treasurer: Keith LeClaire
Secretary: Francesca LeClaire
Membership Chair: Karla Marrero
Race Fleet Captain: Stephen O’Reilly
Cruise Fleet Captain: J.P. Nel
Masthead Editor: Dan Martin
Past Commodore’s Council: Brad Simon

One Year Directors-at-Large:
Scott Gerber
Heidi Kern
Valerie Link
Two Year Directors-at-Large:
Karen Gatto
Scott Malin
Gary Schacker

Graphic Designer: Karen Gatto
Webmaster: Emma Hendler
Advertising: Peyton Harrison
Communications Director: Helene Harrison
Boating Council Reps: Jackie Martin and Linda Simon

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