Summer 2021


MCYC 2021 Cruising at a Glance

This year’s theme is  MCYC Olympics. The competition runs April through September. Medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be awarded at the Change of Watch in the following categories:

  • Total Distance
  • Total Distance Sailed (no engine)
  • Most Sailed (Time)
  • Most overnights spend on your boat.
  • Most Ports / Anchorages visited

More will be provided  throughout the season, including a log book template to track your progress!

Memorial Day Weekend Cruise (May 29 – 31) – The final destination has not been selected, but it will be a beach party on Saturday, May 29. The theme is “The White Party” and everyone should wear white.

Commissioning Raft Up (June 5)

Summer Cruise (July 3 – 11) – Exploring Narragansett Bay
Our rendezvous point this year is Wickford. A club event will be scheduled at Wickford for Wednesday, July 7. There are two locations to stay:

  • Wickford Marina (Reservations opens on 5/15 on Dockwa). Dock @ $2.50/foot (no moorings)
  • Wickford Cove (Reservations now open on Dockwa). Dock @ $4.50/foot and Moorings @ $2.50/foot.
  • Anchoring is also an option at Wickford.

Share your plans with JP Nel and to be added a combined club itinerary for the cruise. Port captains will be assigned.

Tumbleweed Cruise -Go wherever the wind blows (August Date TB)

Port Jefferson Dragon Boat Festival (September TBD)

Sunset/ Moonrise Sails (July 23, August 21, September 18)


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